30+ Best Raffle Prize Ideas & How to Get Them Donated

Invite a local art instructor to teach principles of composition, color design, and collage. Use old newspapers and magazines to create unique works—since no drawing skills are necessary, collages can be especially attractive to a wide range of people. As a bonus, they can be themed around your charity’s goals and shared on social media–with the creator’s permission, of course. Help others get in touch with their creative side by putting together an arts and crafts fundraiser. Your guests will come away with a project, skill, or experience they didn’t have before, and that could make them even happier to donate.
The best two out of three win, then the winners match up and play again. Fundraising might allow your school to offer daycare, more extracurricular activities, after-school clubs, and educational programs. Youngwood Volunteer Fire Department’s annual carnival also was pared down, and its gun bash went virtual, said Chief Lloyd Crago. He estimated the department lost about 25% of its normal fundraising in 2020, prompting a similar decrease in spending.
Collect toppings, make a LOT of batter, and recruit Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas volunteers to help flip at an all-inclusive pancake breakfast. Sell all-inclusive tickets to cover costs and make as much money as possible. Charge a fee for people to enter a gingerbread house-making competition. The results will make for a magical exhibition that you can charge entry for too, or you could charge $1 per vote in a competition. A great excuse to capitalize on the holidays, an easter egg hunt at an event could be fun, engaging and rewarding. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas
Simply set a day for making tissue paper flowers at your facility. If you have some skill with a camera or know a local family photographer willing to donate some of their time and expertise, you can raise funds by taking family photos. You’ll need to pick a place for your “studio” and promote the event around the community.
The Donorbox Live™ Kiosk iOS and Android app makes this possible. This app can be used to turn your tablet device into a donation kiosk which can be placed at any place of your choice. By the time warm weather rolls around, there’s nothing that we want more than spending some time outside. Organize a field day or a sports day, and set up a variety of games and sports to give an opportunity to all children to join in. Check out this example of a read-a-thon fundraising campaign created on Donorbox by the Woodridge Elementary PTSA.
Are you looking for volunteer fire department fundraising ideas? In a “Fill the Boot” fundraiser, a few volunteers stand at a designated location and ask for donations. A place that gets a lot of foot traffic is perfect for this type of fundraising. They can be held as a single fundraiser or added to our other fire department fundraising ideas. If a silent auction is part of a fundraiser event, it can give community members an extra incentive to get involved. Fundraising letters have always been a powerful tool for church fundraising teams to accomplish a wide range of tasks.
If you’re looking to put a twist on a typical trivia game, consider adding a theme related to your cause. For Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas , if you’re collecting donations for an environmental charity, you might offer categories like animals, plants, oceans, sustainability, and more. You’re probably familiar with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where supporters dumped ice-cold water on their heads to raise awareness for ALS. Over 17 million people uploaded videos and the organization raised $15 million. Share your fundraiser a few days before your event, promoting the business that will be matching gifts. If you need to raise money for a project or cause, you can try to sell some of your gently used books for some extra cash.
Our valiant firefighter heroes aren’t just lifesavers; they also need your support to keep their mission alive through fundraising. Welcome to our blog where we’ll be unpacking some fiery fire department fundraiser ideas that you can ignite in your local community. Individual donations can be made through online fundraising websites, in-person events, or mailed checks. Remember to provide multiple giving options to make donors’ contributions as easy as possible.