Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys for Women

Specialists in silicone lubricant, EROS offers a range of premium silicone & water based lubricants – their unique formulation makes it a successful range around the world. Four years shelf life for Water-based and Five years shelf like for Silicone Lubricants, all bottles are sealed in a leak-proof sleeve for peace of mind. Founded in 1993, we have been the leaders in the New Zealand sex toy and lingerie market for over two decades and have a burgeoning presence in New Zealand. If you haven’t gone shopping for an adult sex toy before, you may have wondered why people buy them. And no, contrary to what many abstinence-only sex-ed programs would have you believe, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. In fact, wanting a toy to help manage your libido is a perfectly natural impulse.
Rest assured that your personal information remains confidential, and our packaging is discreet, allowing you to shop with confidence and privacy. Nexus continues to build upon the success of the Excel and now boasts a versatile range of quality sex toys for men and women. And that’s why we’ve taken sex toys back to the drawing board, to develop them using real people, some serious science and dare we say, ingenious designs. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team is ready to assist you via phone, email, or live chat if you have any questions or need help placing an order. We are here to remove any embarrassment or reluctance about buying adult toys and to encourage more adults to join our fun-loving lifestyle. Pipedream combines innovation and proprietary technology in an extensive product range intended to strengthen connection, inspire intimacy, and enhance pleasure.
Offering customers value and an abundance of creative ideas within their games, from romance to parties, designed to keep everyone laughing and entertained. You and your partner have just spent the last two hours playing. There’s been bondage, sensation play, and a whole lot of power imbalance. It’s totally normal to feel a little sensitive in the minutes, even hours, following an intense session. If it’s precision you’re after, bullet vibrators are an excellent choice. With a classic cylindrical shape and small, sleek profile, bullets can target the clitoris, vulva, and nipples.
Carefully curated and designed specifically for grown-up hands. The adult asks whether she can stay and listen when Sandra will play. She plays some short phrases and says “but now it sounds the same”. Sandra plays some additional phrases and the experimenter suggests, “Do you think you could make it sound differently?
We tend to feel most comfortable exploring with someone we love and trust. Let him know that this is a sign of how close, vulnerable and comfortable you feel with him. “It focuses on prioritising pleasure and exploring your intimate self to maintain vitality for deeper relationships, either with yourself or others,” she says. “If you can dream it,” says the owner of Adulttoymegastore Nicola Relph, “I think we’ll have it”.
At Lovehoney, we go the extra inch to design and develop products that your customers will love. We’re proud to offer our trade customers the same level of fantastic customer support that our retail customers enjoy. Lovehoney has operations in Bath, Brisbane, Atlanta and Hong Kong for fast distribution to Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, South America and Asia. The female-fronted team behind Le Wand has refined the classic wand massager with upgraded features and a flexible design that can be enjoyed by women, men and couples. Le Wand is dedicated to promoting sexual wellness and pleasure with engaging branding and marketing that offers a fresh, sex-positive take on the popular wand massager. We stand behind our products with easy to understand, hassle-free warranties.
For some children, that could be a reason for what seems like lack of interaction with the system. So, in an attempt to spice things up, we’ve chosen a selection of titillating couples’ sex toys from vibrators to cock rings to help get you in the mood. In that era there was certainly a great deal of ignorance about sexual desires.
Whether you fancy a new Satisfyer toy or want to replace your modest flogger with one of epic proportions then you can do so discretely, and solely at your convenience. OVO current range of products is broken up into distinct categories including pleasure rings, love balls (aka Kegel exercisers), bullets, mini vibes, vibrators, rabbits, and lay-ons. In addition to the design awards, the company holds 17 patents for a variety of its products’ features. Form follows function in “OVO’s” sleek designs, but beauty is not sacrificed in these lifestyle toys for everyone. The packaging is as simply elegant as the products themselves, and the materials used are body safe and phthalate-free. Welcome to our collection of adult toys, designed to satisfy your every desire.
” Sandra says that she “do[es]n’t know” and sounds rather uninterested. She comments on the response from the computer, that “it was different at the end” (which is also consistent with the experimenter’s impression). Sandra plays some additional phrases and the adult asks “Was it the same now? When the researcher leaves and the door is closed, Frans hits his hands on the keys. He goes on playing a rhythmical theme that he previously has elaborated on. He varies a wide range of ways of playing; glissandos, walking movements in different rhythms and intensity, clusters etc., but he never waits for the programme to reply.
Its ever-expanding lines include toys for women, men, couples and bondage players from beginner through to advanced levels of experience. All Lelo’s products are designed to be as beautiful as those displayed with pride in our homes. We-Vibe produces one of the world’s most recognised and respected lines of premium vibrating toys, each meticulously designed to work in sync with our body.