License Plate Recognition Transportation Services

The ELSAG VPH900 is an automatic license plate reader software solution for parking management. Leonardo’s 25 years of experience and expertise in license plate recognition technology powers this innovative ALPR software. LPR is technology that uses cameras and software to translate license plate images into text to compare to our parking permit software. Any vehicles noted out of compliance will be checked by staff in real-time to confirm the information is accurate. Automated License Plate Recognition is an advanced parking technology system that captures and stores digital images of license plates, and uses character recognition algorithms to identify and store plate characters.
parking machine manufacturer passes through the exit and leaves the parking lot. The system records the time of the vehicle’s departure, and the system automatically refreshes the parking space information. Parkxper intelligent parking management system is the perfect new generation system for all types of public parking lots.
Parking solutions enabled by license plate recognition are superior to traditional parking approaches in a number of ways. For starters, they are ticketless or rather, the license plate is the ticket. This makes them particularly efficient while avoiding issues related to lost tickets, ticket switching, and tailgating. An omniQ LPR-enabled solution means superior technology backed by years of experience and successful deployments around the world. NUUO Mainconsole is now compatible with VIT Company LPR solution at the software version of 4.0.
This solution was designed to provide a fast and versatile LPR experience to greatly speed up the process of doing an inventory and parking audits. Mobile license plate recognition is one of the most effective parking enforcement methods available today. There’s also a simple fact that automation can reduce human error.
These pay stations will no longer dispense paper permits or ask for stall numbers , but instead will use your license plate number to generate a virtual permit for your vehicle. You may also choose to pay for your permit via the mobile app, as well as paying for additional time by phone. New parking pay stations that integrate with LPR have been installed in and around the major visitor lots on campus.