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A few recent campaigns ranged from questioning whether music could influence the longevity of human blood cells to early detection of pancreatic cancer. In keeping with their goodwill vision of digital fundraising, they cover our operating costs so that we don’t have to charge nonprofits or donors. The ASRT Foundation hosted a virtual happy hour to raise money for medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals and students. Their event was themed after the Roaring ‘20s — a mixologist shared tips, tricks, and fun trivia, and a dance instructor led everyone through a Charleston lesson. For example, for a walk-a-thon, donors can pledge to donate $5 for every mile that the participant will walk. If after the event is over, the participant walked a total of 20 miles, their friends and family would each have to donate $100.
Whether you simply want to collect donations for a local charity or are directing a large-scale peer-to-peer fundraising event, RunSignup has the fundraising tools to help. At countless moments in life, we are moved to express generosity and gratitude — donating to a charity, supporting a school, or giving to a local cultural institution. These moments make up the fabric of the everyday and are our opportunities to express our investment in the people, causes, and norms that we value – those to whom we love to give. Online Fundraising Ideas don’t carry cash anymore and the use of checks or paper pledge cards is declining.
Fundraising software makes it easy to manage various aspects of the fundraising process, such as collecting and processing donations, managing donor data, and stewarding relationships. Not to mention, marketing opportunities like Google Ad Grants allow you to amplify your online presence even further. Online fundraising relies on technology (such as online payment processors) more than anything, so the only work you have to do is strategic, like setting goals and thinking about how best to reach them. Fundraising online does involve a bit of work up front to get things set up, but the rest is usually handled by the technology you choose to work with.
Using an internet-enabled mobile device, you can see contributions made to your campaign and access contributor information. Our online political fundraising platform is fast, adaptable and reliable. Raise The Money eliminates long waits, stacks of papers, and bank trips so your political campaign can focus on the big picture. If your audience would receive it well, consider posting some information about your loved one and the needs you/your family are experiencing with funeral or end-of-life expenses.
I have recommended it to others who have also used it and appreciated the ease. TravelPledge is a fundraising website that donates adventurous auction items to nonprofit organizations and charities. Since its conception in 2011, Travel Pledge has connected over 10 thousand nonprofit organizations to almost $100 million worth of donation items. Their auction items include trips to Italy, South Africa, Fiji, and beautiful beach destinations in the United States. To be considered, your nonprofit must sign up for free and tell Travel Pledge about your fundraiser.
I love that we can run a simple online fundraising campaign or an auction + fundraiser + in-person event. Our emailing and fundraising platform and events platform were all previously separate. It is super helpful to have one platform that integrates all of those. It was so hard to have to constantly switch over our email lists and contact info of new donors before, but now it’s all in one place. Plus, they offer extensive training and technical support to help your team get up and running and use your online fundraising tools to drive success.